Legacy Designs is a small family owned business. We take pride in the personalised, professional service we provide our clients. Owned and run by Rylan and Leah, who have over 10 years experience in the industry, and can advise on the most suitable, affordable and practical solution for residential and commercial landscapes with confidence. The team of workers is well-trained, professional and trustworthy.

Rylan is a water fundi and can solve any water related issue, from designing a new irrigation system to suit the specific planting, to repairing broken pumps and leaks, to advising on how to save money on your water bill. With 11 years farming experience, he is very practical and knowledgeable, and will always produce quality work at the best price.

Leah completed a Landscape Architecture (Hons) degree in the UK in 2008,where she ran her own landscaping business (established in 2006) before returning home in 2011. She believes in planting suitable plants for specific sites to ensure the best, most sustainable results, and to encourage biodiversity and responsible practices. She also has a passion for multi-purpose and ‘edible gardens’.