Less than 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh water, and less than a third of this is potentially accessible to humans. Water is a precious resource, and with global climate change it is becoming increasingly important to use water responsibly. Legacy Designs specialises in water-wise irrigation systems, staying ahead with the latest technology, and advising on and installation of sustainable solutions such as well-points and green water (rain) capturing.


Site assessment and consultation

The irrigation system will be customised for the specified type of planting, according to soil type, gradient, water pressure and flow etc. The irrigation consultant will advise on the appropriate kind of system and collect all the relevant information.

Design and quote

Working closely with the landscape designer, an irrigation plan will be drawn up according to the calculations taken on site. Depending on budget, the system may be automated with a rain and wind sensor.


Once the client has approved the design and quote, the irrigation teamĀ is ready to install. We always recommend burying the pipes where possible, as this increases the longevity of the materials. It is best practise to install the irrigation before planting, and only making minor adjustments to ensure correct coverage once planting has been completed.